Gwen Fisher Designs

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Gwen Fisher is another favourite designer of mine. She is co-owner and designer at beAd Infinitum with Florence Turnour. She is inspired by mathematics, especially symmetry, geometry and topology.
I am completely challenged when it comes to math but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the absolute beauty that this talented woman creates with the use of mathematics.
In this post I will present what she has taught me this far starting with the most recent, Slugs In Love.

slugspendantI am totally in love with this design. I have a soft spot for snails. As a kid I would “save” the snails that would appear when my family was raking leaves in the garden. I’d put them in a lidless cardboard box with some moss and leaves, no way they could escape from that right?
This design is based on the Cellini spiral which I am very fond of already. Gwen talks about how she came up with this design here.
I’ve made a few pairs of earrings in different colors and 1 pendant with matching earrings. They are so much fun to make and it is so satisfying when you get to the last step of zipping the work together. If you would like to make one yourself, which I absolutely recommend, you can purchase the tutorial from Gwen’s Etsy shop, gwenbeads.


I learned how to make Gwen Fishers cluster beaded beads  in the April-May 2012 issue of BEADWORK magazine. The first one was tricky but now it all makes sense and I love to make these. Depending on what beads you use they look very elegant.


Gwen has a few free video tutorials on YouTube. These tutorials are great. You can tell that she is a teacher.

dnaearringsThis first one is DNA Beaded Earrings. I’ve only ever made one pair of these, not sure why. I suppose if I had pierced ears (yeah…) I would have made another pair for myself.
These are small earrings, you can make them longer but I just followed the tutorial and didn’t experiment any further. I also like to use the same colors as my teacher when I try something new. It helps me to see and compare to make sure I got it right.

rainbowtwistThe Rainbow Twist  Beaded Bead.
This one is so cool! It is hard to do it justice in a photo though.
It was really tricky to make. I got the twist wrong on my first try but on the second I managed to get it right. Like with the DNA earrings I only made one. I’ve not found a use for it yet but I imagine I could hang it from a zipper on my jacket.
I’d like to make more of it in different colors, probably black and bronze like in the video, I love that look.


Beaded Circle Earrings made with Hexagon Weave.
I made 4 pairs in 4 colors. I love how simple but elegant these earrings are.


hollyearringsHolly Leaf & Berry Earrings.
I’ve blogged about these earrings before. These were a handout at christmas as a free pdf tutorial. Go get yours!

Well, that’s all I have done for now but since beAd Infinitum is moving over to digital downloads of their tutorials they have become much more affordable so it is more than likely that I will purchase more of Gwen Fisher’s designs.

Thank you!