The Beaded Week 55

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In this and the previous post I took the pictures with my new phone. It takes very nice pictures but I prefer to use my actual camera for that but all pictures I take with it ever since I came back from Sweden have a grey smudge on them. I have wiped the lens but it has no effect. Whatever it is must be on the inside.

The weather is so very gloomy here now, it is hard to take a good picture anyway, but I tried.
I have been beading more than what I can show here today.

I made another superduo bangle in green. I used a kumihimo cord for the armature again. I really like making these bangles.


This macrame bracelet is inspired by a picture I saw somewhere, I can’t remember where but probably Pinterest. It is only the first section of the macrame that’s the same, after that I went my own way and ended up with this.
It is a little short because I miscalculated the length of the cords on the 2nd side so I had to end it before I had reached a length that would fit me. But the extender chain is rather long so you can still wear it but it would be a better fit for someone with a small wrist.
I might make another one and improve on the design and perhaps even make a tutorial. We’ll see.


Until next time, have a nice 1 advent (if you’re into that, otherwise have a nice Sunday). 🙂

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