The Beaded Week 47

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In the last month I’ve been beading, playing and doing some home improvement. We’re finally getting some new furniture in here like a brand new couch. No more sitting on a dirty mattress on the floor for us! It is still pretty messy though, there’s still no place to store things but that’ll change in the next month.

And now for the beading. Not been much of that now that I look at the pictures. These five pairs of earrings went up on my Etsy shop yesterday.


thebeadedweek2015_04bI bought the pattern for this ring on Etsy. You can buy the pattern here. It’s not the best tutorial I’ve seen but for the price I guess it’s ok.
I regret making the ring with this color cord. It just looks like I’m wearing a band-aid. I’ll make another one in a different color. I got the cord from this shop in Thailand. It’s not great quality but it’ll do.

These next 2 pairs of earrings are inspired by pictures I found on Pinterest.



Thanks for reading! ♥

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