The Beaded Week 46

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My macrame adventures continue this week with another bracelet from Sherri Stokey’s Leaves pattern. You can buy the tutorial here.

Again, I’m not happy with the results but I am improving. I figured out about halfway through making this bracelet that I am (as usual) using too much tension and I tie the knots too tight. I eased up a little and it immediately became a lot easier to make nice and even knots. And again, this bracelet will be free for anyone who wants it. Just contact me.
Update: Tracy got it.


I bought a book, “Micro-Macrame 30 Beaded Designs For Jewelry Using Crystals And Cords” by Annika De Groot.
It is an ok book. Nothing mind-blowing in there but I did like this little fish pattern. I made this on in teal and I think it turned out very nice.


thebeadedweek2015_03dI decided to make another one in light maize, but this cord was much stiffer for some reason and was very difficult to work with. It’s the same brand of cord, C-lon.
The teal fish has been sent as a thank you gift to a customer.

This bracelet is a free pattern I found here.


I made and posted these petite glass heart earrings on Instagram last week. They are so cute and so tiny!


I’m working on a pdf tutorial for my beaded bead and while making the tutorial I made these earrings. The tutorial is almost done, I’ll post an update about that soon.


And finally, I made another of Sabine Lippert’s “Tips and Tops” bracelet from her new book Beadwork Evolution. The clasp is a different color, copper, but other than that it is exactly the same as the one I blogged about here.


See you soon! ♥

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