The Beaded Week 43

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My mood has shifted and now all I want to do is bead, bead, bead. The problem is that there’s not enough hours of daylight in a day. And the weather here is awful right now. It is grey and raining most of the time so even during the day the light is not good.

Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up too lately. There’s actually a lot more but because of the weather I haven’t taken pictures of everything yet.

I saw a picture of a bracelet on Pinterest. I think it was from Nordstrom, something we don’t have over here. But the design is simple enough that I could easily make one that looks like it. It is just seed beads and cubes on memory wire.


Earrings with Czech glass beads. Not really happy with them but someone might like them.


Another Pinterest find. The design is from Firemountaingems I think. I made mine a little differently but the idea is still the same. Cute.


I think these earrings turned out super cute. I’ve had those fire-polished drops forever and not used them for anything so I’m happy I finally got to use them.


And finally the barrel weave earrings that you’ve already seen in my previous post.

Thanks for reading. ♥

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