The Challenge, Barrel Weave

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I decided to skip the next weave in the book, the european 4-in-1. Although it is a nice looking weave I don’t see any jewelry project I’d like to use it for. For this kind of wide weave I much prefer the dragon scale weave which will probably be the last weave I will learn.

So instead of the 4-in-1 I picked the barrel weave. I got a kit and instructions from UnkamenSupplies on Etsy.

At first I had real problems figuring this one out and I found the instructions to be a bit unclear. It would have helped a lot if in the pictures the newly added ring would have been of a different color. I wasn’t sure what I was looking at and I thought, who is the sadist who came up with this weave?!
But after I figured out I had to add in the new rings from the back, it all made sense and I finished this lovely pair of earrings in rose gold.


I ended up liking this weave so much I looked through my stash to find some small jump rings I could use to make another pair of earrings. I did find some dark copper jump rings but the weave turned out a bit loose so I decided to add in another jump ring “through the eye” for a total of 2 instead of 1. I guess the aspect ratio wasn’t ideal and I don’t know if this could technically still be called a barrel weave, but I like the result and I’m happy with the earrings.


3 thoughts on “The Challenge, Barrel Weave

  1. Regarding your ‘gray days’ – I’ve had the same problem, and have had good luck with an Ott light (or Daylight light). They have full-spectrum bulbs and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and JoAnn’s often puts them on sale. If you don’t have a store nearby, you could order one online. They’re great for illuminating all sorts of close-up work.


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