The Beaded Week 42

Tips and Tops
Tips and Tops

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I’m kicking off the new year with a project from, my christmas gift, Sabine Lippert’s new book Beadwork Evolution.
It is the Tips and Tops bracelet.
I pretty much mirrored the bracelet in the book except for the change of the 3.4 mm drop color. I went with a turquoise Picasso and I love it! This bracelet looks so awesome the pictures does not do it justice.

The project was also a using her new RAW technique of adding the bridge beads as you go. I’d say it saves a lot of time and thread by doing RAW this way. It still took a long time to complete but it was fun and easy and it is certainly not one of those project where at the end you say to yourself, “well, I’m not doing that again”. Love it!

I also completed another Interwoven bracelet, this time in silver. I used Preciosa silver and pink seed beads and Toho gold-lustered amethyst. The quality of the Preciosa silver beads is not great. The silver is already coming off the beads and that’s just from me holding it as I worked. The finish on the pink beads seem a bit stronger.
Still, it is a cute little bracelet that is fun to make.
The pattern for this bracelet can be found here.


Ever since I saw this YouTube video from JewelrySupply I have wanted to make one of these cute little pinch bead beaded beads. I finally got my hands on some pinch beads and made these cute little earrings.


And finally, as per my mother and grandmothers request, I made some pearl cluster earrings using add-a-bead earwires. Fun and elegant. thebeadedweek2015_01c

Thanks for reading! ♥

3 thoughts on “The Beaded Week 42

  1. wow, what a great way to start the year 🙂 my son bought me Sabines latest book for my birthday and I love this pattern, and of course the rest of your endeavours, keep up the great work, really enjoying following you!


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