The beaded week 39

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It’s been a month, again. And it’s not because I’ve been so busy, no, I’m just lazy. Although I was very busy the week before the wedding we attended on the 12th. In the previous post I mentioned that I had to make some jewelry to wear to the wedding. And I did make a few new pieces but I ended up wearing something I made long ago. This necklace with matching bracelet.

Bead Crochet Necklace & Bracelet
Bead Crochet Necklace & Bracelet

For the party in the evening I changed to a simple gold chain necklace and this new memory wire bracelet I made after being inspired by a picture on Pinterest. It is a really cool way to use up some of those orphan beads that you might have lying around.DSCN1831 (22)
Another Pinterest inspired project, this necklace is made with linked wire-wrapped beads. It took forever to make and after wire wrapping 151 beads my fingers were sore. I made my necklace with three lengths of wrapped bead chain and attached each side of the three chains to a matte gold magnetic clasp. I love how it turned out and this was another great way to use up some of those orphan beads.DSCN1893(1)
This Slugs in Love pendant I had already made a while back but I hadn’t gotten around to actually string it on something. So I took a piece of faux suede cord and attached a cute owl clasp. DSCN1854
These earrings are also inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest. Nothing much to say about these, simply seed beads strung in a pattern and attached to a eye-pin and a bead cap.DSCN1831 (23)
These double spiral weave earrings are a part of my chain maille challenge, which is coming along very slowly. I will make a post about this weave next. DSCN1831 (24)
So all this was before the wedding, which was lovely by the way. ♥
Since then I have made a few things;
This bracelet, another Pinterest find, was made by braiding 5 strands of faux suede cord. I gave this to my mom.DSCN1853(1)
Again, Pinterest led me to this blog, of which I am now a follower, and this free tutorial of the Lovely Lace Bracelet. I love, love, love working on this project. After working on a lot of stringing and wrapping I had a craving for some stitching and this bracelet certainly fulfilled that need. It is simple but elegant and I would imagine that this would also make a very nice choker.
I’ve made 2 so far with the second one still waiting for a clasp.DSCN1864(1)
And lastly, I made this RAW ombre bracelet from beadaholique. So fast and simple to make but I think it turns out very elegant.DSCN1871(1)

So that’s what a lazy month of beading looks like.

See you soon, hopefully! 😉

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