The Beaded Week 37


This blog has moved and will no longer be updated at this location. Please go to and follow the blog to get notified of new content.

It has been a fairly productive couple of weeks.
I got The Bead Pursuit YouTube channel started with a picture tutorial of my necklace design followed by a tutorial of my beaded bead “Chain Gun”. No picture of the necklace in the collage this week since I have shown it several times before. Also not in the collage are the “Slugs in Love” earrings I made for my aunt.

Ok, so starting from the left are the two bracelets I made using my “Chain Gun” beaded beads. I made these to show examples of how you could use them.

This week I’ve tried to make use of some of the beads I got as gifts.
The bottom left earrings are inspired by a pair of earrings that showed up on my activity feed on Etsy. I used lampwork glass beads that I got as a gift with a bead order.

snappedcordThe big picture in the middle is a pair of earrings that started out as a bracelet. I found a tutorial on Pinterest on how to do this snake knot. After 15 knots I pulled too hard on the leather cord and it snapped right off. So I decided to abandon the bracelet and use the remaining leather to make a pair of earrings. I crossed the cords in a plastic bead and cut the cords on both sides of the bead and added a little glue for safety. The earrings are about 7cm long with the hook.
I originally used pewter spacer beads for the would-be bracelet that had been a gift with a bead order.

Following the snake knot tutorial that led to this blog I looked around some more and found another tutorial that I liked for a pair of earrings. I used bicone pendants instead of the hearts in the tutorial. The colors used; topaz, smoked topaz and jet. The 6mm bicone I used was a gift so I’m not sure what color it is but I would guess something like topaz AB.

The DNA earrings (tutorial here) used no free beads at all. I in fact purchased some of the beads specifically for these earrings because I really wanted a pair for myself. It’s difficult to take a good picture of these earrings since they are made out of a spiral but take my word for it, they look awesome!

The bracelet also didn’t use anything free but the cord was 70% off at least. 😛 I found this tutorial on Pinterest. It was a good project to use up some of the s**t quality jump rings I have. It is very easy to make. The tutorial can be found here (about halfway down the page).

And here’s a closeup of my bracelet.

Have a wonderful week! ♥


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