A New Challenge

This blog has moved and will no longer be updated at this location. Please go to www.thebeadpursuit.com and follow the blog to get notified of new content.

A year has passed since I started this blog and the 12 month challenge of completing every project in a beading book. My choice of book and challenge was
Little Bead Boxes by Julia S. Pretl. I enjoyed the challenge and I love the pretty boxes that came out if it.

Now it is time for another challenge.

This time I have decided not to pick one specific book but a specific jewelry technique that I don’t already know. The Little Bead Boxes are all made with peyote stitch which I had already mastered prior to beginning the challenge. So this time the challenge will be of technique rather than time.

This years challenge will be Chain Maille.
I really love the beautiful jewelry that this technique produce and I really look forward to learn all the different weaves.
I have made a list of weaves that I want to learn and with help of this book; Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop – Techniques and Projects for Weaving with Wire by Karen Karon, I have found the order in which to learn them.

My main source of inspiration comes from Unkamen Supplies. I love, love, love the designs that they come up with so I have placed an order of a few kits for earrings made with the Byzantine weave, my first weave to master.

DSCN1359I have also purchased a set of pliers from Unkamen Supplies that came with a sample of jump rings and wire. I was so eager to start that I made a pair of earrings with the random color jump rings I got for free. There wasn’t enough of any one color so I had to make a mix of yellow, green and pink. They look a bit clowny but I had fun making them. 🙂
The design is this one.

The challenge will begin as soon as my order arrives, probably sometime next month. Hopefully it won’t get stuck in customs which will force me to pay 20€ for them to release the package to me, as was the case with the pliers.

See you soon! ♥

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