The Beaded Week 34


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In the last couple of weeks I have made a few bracelets. The first one is a 2-wrap leather bracelet with tile beads in Jet Picasso and Aztec Gold. I used a recycled button that I got from my mother. It’s very possible it could be described as a vintage button but she can’t remember how old it is or even that she gave it to me so I’ll just call it recycled to be safe. It’ll be going up on my Etsy shop later.

I made another drop edge crochet bangle in pearl white and I took apart a yellow crochet bangle from last year and crocheted it again to make it a little bit smaller.

The greenish bracelet it complete but I’m not happy with the clasp so I’ll be replacing that before I take a better picture of it to show you. The bracelet is designed by Carmella Patzlaff and the tutorial is in the June/July 2014 issue of BEADWORK Magazine.

And finally, after about 12 years, I have re-pierced my ears. I went to a piercing studio and the super friendly piercer poked through my old holes and put in tiny little rings. I would’ve totally chickened out if I had attempted to do that myself. And as the very cool guy he is, he only charged me for the rings. So if you’re ever in Haarlem and want to have anything pierced, Rings of Pleasure is the place to be. 🙂

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