Photo Editing

Before and After
Before and After

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I have recently moved my jewelry photography “studio” upstairs to the small window on the north side of the house. I say studio but it is just me, my camera and some white pebbles in the window. The window only gets a little bit of sun early in the morning so it is never in direct sunlight when I take my pictures, which is perfect. And depending on the weather I can usually take pretty nice photos there but if the weather is like today, gloomy, the photos tend to turn out grey. So here’s what I do to remedy that.

First I run my photos through Adobe Photoshop Express. This is a free photo editing tool that gets the job done fast and easy. Most of the time it’s enough to just hit that Autofix button but sometimes you want to adjust the contrast, exposure and white balance yourself.

Next I use GIMP. Another free photo editor that works a lot like Photoshop. I use this program to remove dirt and dust. A lot of the times I discover a little hair or fiber in the picture that I didn’t notice when I was taking the picture.
As you can see from the before and after pictures I removed the little beauty marks that my window has. Depending on the picture I might leave some of them in since I like the “organic” feel those nicks give. But from the angle this photo was taken the marks were a bit much so I removed them using that wonderful clone tool.♥

And for my “Beaded Week” collage I use Fotor. A free program that lets you do some clowny things to your photos but I mostly use it for the Collage and Tilt Shift (making parts of the picture blurry).
Another free collage program I sometimes use is Phototastic.

So that’s how I do it. All for free! ♥

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