The Challenge, Box 11

Tomcat – Little Bead Boxes – Julia S. Pretl

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Box #11 is called “Tomcat”.
My thread tension wasn’t great when I was working on this box and that made the sides of the box a bit uneven. I suppose I was a bit tired and like with the previous shapes third boxes this was a big one and they tend to get a bit boring to bead, even though this is just the second square box.
It is pretty enough but it is not one of my favourites and I wont make another one.

I used the same colors as listed in the book except for the blue background and the green eyes.
The white matte beads caused a bit of a problem in the corners, one bead broke so I had to replace it and then the replacement bead also broke. Very frustrating. The third bead broke when I was stitching the feet on.

Just one box left to bead now.

Materials used:

  • 11×7 mm Red Carnelian Czech Fire Polish Glass beads for the feet.
  • Opaque Terra Cotta 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads
  • Matte Op Cream 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads #0352
  • Lt Caramel Ceylon 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads #0205
  • S/L Light Bronze 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads #0181
  • Dyed SF Tr Berry 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads #0773
  • Matte Tr Root Beer 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads #0769
  • Matte Op Sea Foam Luster 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads #0374
  • Matte Tr Dk Emerald AB 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads #0859
  • 6 lb Fireline, smoke

# broken beads 3
# broken needles 0
# broken threads 0

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