The Beaded Week 29


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I’ve done a lot of beading this week and still I feel it wasn’t enough. I want to do so much more but I never seem to have enough beads. I do of course have more than enough but I’m sure I have an addiction to seed beads in particular.
So let’s get to it then. uploaded  a new video tutorial on their YouTube channel, the Compadres braided cuff. I knew I wanted to make that one right away. So I did.
I don’t have any 1mm leather so I used waxed cotton cord instead. Turned out great and no animals had to suffer. 🙂 I asked Michael’s opinion on which colors to use and as per usual he said red and green. Those two colors together means christmas to me but I think this cuff has more of an autumn harvest feel to it. The colors are Oxblood, Chocolate and Ancient Chartreuse.
Can you spot the mistake I was too lazy to correct?

The earrings are from BEADWORK August-September 2010. “Paisley Drops” designed by Jane Lock. I used orange and blue because those where the only 6 and 4 mm bicones I had that matched. Happy with them. 🙂

I while back I bought some of the new O beads without knowing what to do with them. This week I strung them together with some metal beads and made a simple but very pretty bracelet.

I finished beading the 11th box today. Just need to get some feet on that kitty and I’m done.

I forgot to post this necklace last week so it’s not actually made this week. It is a CRAW rope I designed myself. Matte black and light amethyst seed beads and fire-polished glass beads.

I got my loom out and made this awesome looking cuff. It is another project from It is not finished yet. I need a button and there’s still no sign of them. 😦

1 week to the season premiere of Mad Men! ♥

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