The Beaded Week 28


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These past two weeks I have submitted a pair of earrings to BEADWORK Magazine’s “what our readers did” section. They were accepted and will appear in the February-March 2015 issue. The earrings are a slight twist on Smadar Grossman’s Emerald City necklace in BEADWORK October-November 2013.

I felt like doing some knotting so I made a bracelet. The idea was to make a 4-strand bracelet but after I completed the first 3 I realised that 4 wouldn’t fit the ribbon ends I had in mind. So because of that the bracelet ended up being a bit short and I had to make some bead link chain to make it fit. It is closed with a small lobster-clasp and it is nearly impossible to close it on yourself. I do not like spring and lobster-clasps for bracelets.

Last year I saw a picture of a cute little beaded heart so I saved it on my iPad and this week I decided to make a few to give away as thank you gifts to future customer. I have at least come that far in my pursuit to master the techniques of jewelry making that I can look at a picture of a cubic right-angle weave (CRAW) heart and figure out how it is made. Yay!

The “Thistle Flower” earrings are from BEADWORK April-May 2014, designed by Melissa Grakowsky Shippee. They are supposed to have a larger component with a rivoli on top of this smaller one but as she suggests as an option I skipped the large component for a daintier earring. It is rather small, only about 4cm from the bottom of the hook.

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