The Beaded Week 9


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Even though the pictures don’t show it, it’s been a pretty productive week. The German magnetic clasps arrived from Scotland which enabled me to finish the Bokhara bracelet. I bought 5 additional clasps and I used one of them on an old bracelet, Baroque Dimensional, another one of Sabine Lippert’s designs. It had a copper toggle clasp before and this new clasp just made it look perfect.

The UFO Flower earrings are my own design. In a bag of 100 plastic flowers there were only 2 teal, sort of makes them special. Would definitely wear them myself but I still haven’t been to the piercers. Well that’s not entirely true, I went but they were closed.

Box #3 is slowly coming along. I calculated that it will take me at least 7 hours just to complete the sides of the box. 1 hour a day seems to be the limit for me at the moment. I’m kinda peyote stitched out after making the Bokhara bracelet.

See you next week! ♥

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