Ribbon Lace


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This project is featured on the cover of “A Beaded Romance” by Kelly Wiese. It has a matching bracelet which is what I started with. I followed the instructions right to the end and added the bead and loop closure but I changed my mind and removed the beads and sewed on a loop at both ends of the bracelet and added a copper toggle clasp instead. IMG_2340The bead and loop closure looks nice and is certainly cheaper than a regular clasp but in the end I fear the loops will stretch and they wont hold on to the beads and you’d end up losing the bracelet. I omitted the bead-loop closure on the necklace as well.

I think I used too much tension when working on this project. It was unclear to me how much was required and some parts ended up a little crooked.
All in all I think it looks pretty but it was very boring to make.

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