The Beaded Week 3

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Last weeks promise of a post about the bracelet has been delayed.  The bracelet is complete and the necklace that goes with it will be finished later this evening and I’d like to present them together. The delay is caused by the mail not arriving until late in the week. Our mailman decided to go on strike for a few days so that slowed things down for my planned beading project.

Still, it has by no means been an unproductive week, I have completed 3 orders. The “Ossuary” bracelet, for a coworker of my fiance, a pair of the “Cascading” Earrings for an old friend and another 2 “Lily of the Valley” Earrings for my sister. I made a lot more than just the 2 purple she ordered since I also bought a mixed color bag of flower beads from Amy of Artful Gardens.
I especially like the pink ones. ♥
I also shipped off a pair of earrings from last Sundays post to my mom, along with a necklace that she wanted a different closure for. I added a lobster clasp to it instead of the sliding knot it had before. The design of the necklace is one of Sabine Lippert’s free patterns that can be downloaded here.
While waiting for the mail I also worked for about a day on box number 2. The base and sides are nearly finished and I think the rest of the box will be completed next week.

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