The Beaded Week 1

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The week started out slow, mostly waiting for bead orders to arrive. Among other things the feet for my first little beaded box arrived on Saturday. I say feet but it is actually 8 mm faux pearls. There will be a separate post about this later but I’m happy to report that the box is complete.

collage_week25While waiting, I completed another 2 “In The Garden” 4-wrap bracelets. The “mustard” one still needs a little Bee charm but that one is flying in from USA. The “poppy” bracelet got an awareness ribbon charm just like the “clover” one from last week. It appears to be well liked on Facebook which makes me happy. I guess I’m not the only one that fancy green.

The little acorn charm and the 2 beaded beads are projects I’ve learned from Dolci Riflessi by Luana on YouTube. Her tutorials are in Italian but it’s easy enough to follow along just by watching what she does. I will make something with those beaded beads, just not sure what yet.

2 orders, both for earrings, have gone in the mail today. The customers, my sisters! I’m happy they like them. ♥


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