Ladder, Wrap, Repeat

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The lovely ladies over at have been my teachers for the last month. They have taught me how to ladder, wrap and knot. The sort of bohemian look that these techniques produce is one that I really like and one I wear myself.

The Ossuary Bracelet
The Ossuary Bracelet

I started with a rather simple wrap bracelet that I purchased the materials for over a year ago. It has just been sitting in a drawer waiting for the mood to strike. This bracelet is actually from and is designed by Andrea Morici. I love that store and their YouTube channel. I’ve learned a lot of different jewelry techniques from them.

Stackable Ladder Bracelet

Next I tried my hand at laddering with silk wrapping. Brittany Ketcham from designed this bracelet. I used a triple stack of 6/0 seed beads and 2 mm leather. Learning to silk wrap was fun and it gives the jewelry a really nice look. My choice of colors gave my version of this bracelet a more masculine look.


Mosaic Wrap Bracelet

Going further I tried more of the same. This time using a single 2-hole bead in a bracelet that wraps around the wrist twice. Instead of the Tila bead that Brittany Ketcham use for her project I used CzechMates Tiles and 2 mm leather. Silk wrapping in 3 different colors and wrapping the beads around the leather with C-Lon Micro cord to fit through the small holes of the tile beads.

Bollywood Macramé Bracelet

The Bollywood Macramé Bracelet designed by Brittany Ketcham works up really fast and is very easy to make. The Chinese knotting cord I use is 1 mm which makes the bracelet take fewer beads than hers, using between 44 and 46 beads. I made 8 for a variety of color combinations. They look best stacked 4 together.

For the last project I combined what I had learned in the In the Garden 4-wrap bracelet tutorial. Again this bracelet is designed by Brittany Ketcham and I picked the Clover color scheme for my bracelet. Using green 1.5 mm leather and 3 different shades of green C-Lon cord with 8/0 seed beads and substituting the “Little shadow” bead with a 3.5 x 3 mm metal bead this project took several hours to complete. When it was I added an antique gold-plated awareness ribbon charm. I love the look of this bracelet so I am certain I will make more in different colors. ♥ IMG_2198

IMG_2197 IMG_2195 IMG_2188IMG_2186 IMG_2185 IMG_2182

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