Cher’s Earrings

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While waiting for my leather and knotting cord to arrive from China I thought I’d take a look through Sabine Lippert’s book Beaded Fantasies to see if there was a project in there that I had materials for. I decided on a pair of earrings that she calls Cher’s Earrings. The only 3 mm bicone I had enough of was aquamarine so my version of these earrings would be blue and silver.

Cher's Earrings
Cher’s Earrings

I started out making 2 mistakes in a row simply because I did not read the instructions thoroughly enough. I used light blue KO thread instead of Fireline to not have the thread show through the bicones and this made the process of tidying up the single row of RAW that is the stalk very difficult. So some of them ended up having more of a zigzag look.

To be honest I’m not too pleased with the way these earrings turned out. They look better in the picture than in reality. The opposite is usually the case.

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